The St. Paul University Philippines Library aspires to be the primary gateway 
for scholarly information-  recognized as an innovative, creative and accessible 
partner in the advancement of the teaching, learning, and research goals of the 
University and the community. 




St. Paul University Philippines Library serves to support the total educational program with an appropriate collection of resources, offered in a spirit of Quality,  Catholic,  Paulinian service, in an atmosphere where equipment and facilities promote excellence in teaching, learning and research.



        To fulfill its mission, the St. Paul University Philippines Library aims to:
    • Provide access to relevant and quality collections of recorded information and knowledge, regardless of format or location.
    • Maintain the Library’s information technology infrastructure to ensure rapid access to information and information services.
    • Sustain pleasant working relationships with students, staff, faculty and administrators of the University including the surrounding community. 
    • Provide a conducive environment for reading, learning and research for both individual and groups.
    • Maximize access to local, national, and global information through cooperation and sharing of resources with other institutions.
    • Make available  staff who are knowledgeable, service oriented and sensitive to the needs of the university and the community it serves.
    • Offer effective administration of the Library, encouraging innovation and creativity, including the allocation and reallocation of resources and the pursuit of financial support from both internal and external sources.