Modern methods of teaching encourage the use of libraries. Students who can use the library efficiently have a great advantage over the ones who cannot. Just as a university is rated largely by its library, the student can be rated by how effectively he uses the library. This is because the library is an organization that facilitates the interaction between people and the information they need. 
            The library is one of the university’s principal educational and research resources. At St. Paul University Philippines, the library is a part of the converged service of the Knowledge and Information Resource Network (KIRN). It exists to support the knowledge and information needs of all members of the university and the community it serves.
            January 17, 1965 was the birth of St. Paul College Library. It has grown through the years so that in the year 2000, it has become a part of the former Learning Resource  Center of the university. Today, as a vital component of the total academic environment of the university, the SPUP Library has recently been tripled in size and expanded to serve as the knowledge and information center for our campus. It allows students to take advantage of the many resources provided in books, journals, audiovisuals, computer databases and electronic resources. Faculty,staff, students, alumni, and visitors are cordially invited to come in to the library in person to read, study and do research.